SALAMANCA — In her first and only year as a Super 8 participant, Tyyetta Herman certainly made her mark on the annual Meet of Champions.

Herman, a Franklinville/Ellicottville senior, won four events at the Foy/Abdo/Davies Super 8 Meet that annually features schools from three Southern Tier counties. She won the 100-meter dash in a personal record (:12.89) and 400 by breaking her own school record (:58.30), also taking first in the 200 (:26.68) and high jump (15-feet-5.75-inches)

Herman was thrilled with her results in the breezy meet, which finished all events by 9 p.m. with one heat in each event.

Herman qualified for Super 8 as a junior but missed it due to another commitment, attending a FFA convention. But she enjoyed the experience against the best athletes from the region.

“It was really good competition, I really like this meet,” she said, agreeing that the competition “definitely” raises each athlete’s level.

“Especially the girls I race against in indoor too, so I know who I’m against. It’s really nice.”

The meet MVP awards went to Southwestern’s Emma Lewis, who won the girls’ 1,500 and 3,000 and anchored the winning 3,200 relay, and Fredonia’s Jayden Yerico, who won the 100, took second in the 400 and third in the 200.

F/E’s Anna Slavinski won the 400 hurdles, timing in at 1:09.28, and was second in pole vault (9-6).

F/E’s Elizabeth Price was second in discus (101-0) and fourth in shot put (33-4), Megan Jackson was third in shot put (32-4) and Alysa Williams fifth in the 800 (2:34.52). F/E took third in the 3,200 relay (Dalayla Alexander, Bianca Bush, Peyton Mest, Alysa Williams) at 10:40.25 and fourth in the 1,600 relay (Jackson, Audrey Hurlburt, Cameron Kaleta, Slavinski) at 4:36.10.

West Valley’s Olivia Harmony had two second-place runs: the 1,500 (5:12) and 3,000 (11:10.84). Cattaraugus-Little Valley’s Emma Gassman was second in the 400 (1:00.65) and third in the 200 (:27.14).

Host Salamanca’s Ryanna Brady finished fourth in the 1,500 (5:13.48).

“I honestly have to say this is one of the most efficient and smoothest running meets that we have hosted,” Salamanca girls coach Laurie Lafferty-John said. “But I think that all of the struggle was prior to meet day, so we earned it.”

Of her two competitors in the meet, Lafferty-John noted, “Bella (Milks, high jump) didn’t perform her best but I feel like mental preparation, she learned a lot from the experience. Ryanna was the girl that came in as a scratch and shaved off 17 seconds and ended up fourth place overall earning top three in all-time Salamanca history and two seconds away from automatic sectionals, so I couldn’t be more thrilled with that.”

For Randolph, Corinne Inkley won the pole vault, clearing 11-9. Eve Adams was second in the high jump (5-2) and third in pole vault (9-0). Sara Smith was fourth in the 800 (2:34.04) and Mattie Evansbrown fourth in the 40 hurdles (1:11.56). The 3,200 relay (Adams, Gracyn Rowland, Smith, Matteson VanSickle) was fourth, in 10:48.33.

SALAMANCA BOYS coach Michelle Hill made sure to thank those who made the 34th annual invitational possible.

“The very first thing that must be mentioned is how much we appreciate everyone’s hard work that went into running a successful, unique meet such as ours,” she said. “Thank you to our athletes, parents, alumni, many staff members, coaches, officials and so many others.”

Salamanca had a winner atop the podium in the 400 as Arlen Newark raced to first with a time of :51.04. A dual athlete with lacrosse, Newark qualified as a late scratch replacement sixth seed but won the race.

“Arlen is a true competitor and has learned how to approach certain races,” Hill noted. “He was aggressive from the gun and led the race from the start. He looked confident and strong on the back stretch. You could see a bit of fatigue down the final stretch, however he is a fighter and he dug deep to find his way through the finish line in first place. We could not be more proud of both young men, how they represented the red and gray among the best of the best at the Super 8 meet.”

Zach Trietley was third in shot put (42-7.5), a two-foot improvement on the seventh seed’s personal best.

“Zach is a coach’s dream,” Hill said. “He is motivated to improve, listens to his coaches’ critique and is driven. He works hard in the weight room and daily on improving technique. He learns a little more each and every training session or meet situation and his growth in the throws, especially shot put is in direct proportion to his hard work ethic. We are so excited to see how he progresses as we make it into the postseason.”

RANDOLPH’S Clayton Crouse won the boys pole vault at 12-9. Cardinal teammate Gavin Stearns was second in high jump (5-10).

Franklinville/Ellicottville’s Grant Cornell took third in the 3,200 (10:38.56) and Dominic Breton was third in discus (120-0). Billy Slavinski finished fourth in shot put (42-2) while Ben Edwards was fourth in the 400 hurdles (1:00.82).

West Valley’s Jack Tharnish took fourth in the 1,600 (4:51.10).



100: Ty. Herman (FE) :12.89, Je. Wyant (P), Av. Cook (Fred)

200: Ty. Herman (FE) :26.68, Ju. Wyant (P), Gassman (CLV)

400: Ty. Herman (FE) :58.30, Gassman (CLV), Je. Wyant (P)

800: Collins (AL) 2:24.10, Haynes (P), Giardini (BR)

1,500: Lewis (SW) 4:56.46, Harmony (WV), Peters (AL)

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3,000: Lewis (SW) 10:37.14, Harmony (WV), Duggan (AL)

400 relay: Fredonia (Al. Cook, Ferro, Av. Cook, Mead) :51.53; Falconer (Ekstrom, Madonia, Lundmark, Wittmeyer); Portville (Dean, Daley, Ju. Wyant, Je. Wyant)

1,600 relay: Southwestern (Grijalva, Cresanti, Cotter, Card) 4:16.27, Olean (Fayson, Cheney, Schena, Borer), Clymer/Sherman/Panama (Fikkema, Persons, Chambers, Swan)

3,200 relay: Southwestern (Lundmark, Malmstrom-Jouannet, Card, Lewis) 10:13.30; Allegany-Limestone (Collins, Peters, Duggan, Coulter); Franklinville/Ellicottville (Alexander, Bush, Mest, Williams)

100 hurdles: Swan (CSP) :17.01, Hallenbeck (Frew); Rammelt (CL)

400 hurdles: Slavinski (FE) 1:09.28, Madonia (Fal), Lai (MG)

long jump: Ty. Herman (FE) 15-5.75, Conlan (Frew), Wittmeyer (Fal)

triple jump: Beaver (SW) 32-1.5, McIntyre (SW), Borer (O)

high jump: Cole (CL) 5-3, Adams (Rand), Kioko (CSP)

shot put: Oswald (W) 35-4, Dorrough (W), Jackson (FE)

discus: Oswald (W) 102-6, Price (FE), Hamilton (SW)

pole vault: Inkley (Rand) 10-9, Slavinski (FE), Adams (Rand)


100: Yerico (Fred) :11.50; Gonzalez (Fred); Butterfield (SW)

200: Mi. Butterfield (SW) :22.93, Lockett (Dunk), Yerico (Fred)

400: Newark (S) :51.04, Yerico (Fred), Proknal (SC)

800: Redeye (AL) 2:01.82, Quintero (CL), Lawrie (Dunk)

1,600: Lewis (SW) 4:37.89, Diaz-Cortes, Faulk (SW)

3,200: Kent (Frew) 9:59.93, Verbosky (MG), Cornell (FE)

400 relay: Chautauqua Lake (Jacobson, Otto, Ferrino, Speagle) :44.81; Southwestern (Burlingame, Ma. Butterfield, Mi. Butterfield, Kennedy); Dunkirk (Felt, Allen, Cruz, Rivera)

1,600 relay: Dunkirk (Lockett, Hanlon, Lawrie, Thomas) 3:34.88, Southwestern (Mi. Butterfield, Faulk, Johnson), Kennedy), Portville (Dornan, Isaman, Szymanski, Randolph)

3,200 relay: Southwestern (Brown, Faulk, Johnson, Lewis) 8:35.24; Frewsburg (Diaz-Cortes, Kent, Barber, Pitts); Falconer (Hudson, Lundmark, Binkley, Reynolds)

110 hurdles: Kennedy (SW) :16.49; Cline (Frew); Devereaux (Frew)

400 hurdles: Hanlon (D) :59.20, Kennedy (SW), Baehr (Fal)

long jump: Speagle (CL) 19-9, Young (SW), Allen (O)

triple jump: Foley (MG) 40-0, Smith (Fal), Sanfilippo (Frew)

high jump: Nolder (AL) 6-0, Stearns (Rand), Randolph (P)

shot put: Holden (SW) 43-11, Faller (AL), Trietley (S)

discus: Edwards-Hardy (AL) 126-3, Lukasiak (CL), Breton (FE)

pole vault: Crouse (Rand) 12-9, Mariotti (W), Riley (W)


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