Veggie Wheels arrive in Salamanca

Volunteers at Hillview Manor, Marge Rindos and Theresa Bromley, along with Jean Francois Godet distributed strawberries, rhubarb and lettuces at the recent Veggie Wheels event.

SALAMANCA — Five years ago, volunteers came together with Health Educator Athens Godet-Cologeras in conjunction with the Cattaraugus County Health Department to create the Veggie Wheels program.

This program provides fresh, natural, locally grown fruits and vegetables to low-income local families, disabled individuals and senior citizens.

During Veggie Wheel events, individuals can learn how to prepare and incorporate fruits and vegetables into their diets and program to participate in health and nutrition activities.

Participants are also given fresh local produce in season.

The produce comes from local farmers and growers such as Canticle Farm, Great Valley Berry Patch, Miller's Farm market, Tayers Greenhouse and Tan Child's Blueberries.

The Veggie Wheels program takes place during the summer months from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. on alternating Tuesdays for residents at Salamanca Hillview Homes and Hillview Manor.


Hillview Homes

  • July 16
  • July 30
  • Aug. 20
  • Sept. 3

Hillview Manor

  • July 23
  • Aug. 6
  • Aug. 13
  • Aug. 27