St. Pat's

St. Patrick’s Church, as well as the school, rectory and parking lot, have been sold to Silenus Enterprises.

SALAMANCA – Silenus Enterprises, an investment company, has bought the St. Patrick’s Church property from Our Lady of Peace parish.

Rev. Patrick Melfi, pastor, said the church had been listed with a realtor for three years as the parish planned to move all of its operations to Holy Cross Church on Broad Street.

“Through the years, we consolidated the parishes into one, now called Our Lady of Peace, and then it was determined during this consolidation that all of our liturgy – or mass and celebrations – would be held on Broad Street at the Holy Cross Church,” Melfi said. “That left this property here. We still maintained the school building and the rectory. The church was closed and now, part of our long-term planning, was we wanted to sell this property and then just move all our focus over on the Broad Street campus.”

Mayor Carmen Vecchiarella confirmed the sale, which includes the church, school, rectory and parking lot on River Street.

Melfi said he expects the parish to maintain offices in St. Patrick’s for at least nine months.

“We’re going to maintain our office here about nine months with the goal to establish our office on Broad Street,” he said.

The parish currently rents about half of the property to Head Start.

“They’re very happy to be here,” Melfi said of Head Start. “The hope for the new owner is to continue renting out the remainder of the space.”

* This is a partial story. The full story can be found in the March 28, 2013 edition of The Salamanca Press and online in the e-edition. *

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