Salamanca teachers, more train for commercial drone test

Educators, servicemen and retired hobbyists recently completed an adult education drone training program at Salamanca High School.

SALAMANCA — Educators, servicemen and retired hobbyists have spent 27 hours going through rigorous adult education drone training in preparation for their FAA commercial drone pilot test.

Beyond drone-specific material, participants explored much of the ground-school information covered in the FAA’s knowledge test.

Topics covered included:

• Regulations relating to small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS).

• Airspace classification, interpretation of sectional navigation charts, operating requirements, and flight restrictions.

• Aviation weather sources and effects.

• UAS loading and performance.

• Emergency procedures.

• Aeronautical decision-making and crew resource management.

• Radio communication procedures.

• Physiological effects of drugs and alcohol.

• Airport operations.

• Maintenance and preflight inspection procedures.