Ghost tours experience paranormal encounters in Ellicottville

Jefferson Street Cemetery is said to have the most paranormal activity during the Ellicottville Historical Society's annual ghost walks series. Tours take place each Friday night through Oct. 29.

ELLICOTTVILLE — The Ellicottville Historical Society’s annual Ghost Walks series is underway, keeping alive the history of Ellicottville with a paranormal and spooky twist.

The first of several weekend walks began at the end of September and continue through Oct. 29.

Participants can begin to gather at 7:30 p.m. at the Ellicottville Gazebo. The walk will begin at 8.

This year’s Ghost Walks are sponsored by Paranormal Walks and led by Ellen Frank, vice president of Ellicottville Historical Society (EHS), who said there were 20 attendees during the September walk and 14 during the first October walk.

“Ellicottville is not necessarily known for its history,” said Frank. “This is a way to promote it.”

Proceeds from the walks are split 50-50 between the EHS and Paranormal Walks company with all of the historical society’s proceeds supporting their local museum.

COVID-19 restrictions changed the normal pace of the tour, but it did not stop attendees from getting their paranormal fill, Frank said. The tour now takes place all outside, starting at the local courthouse. Attendees then walk to the Jefferson Street Cemetery, stopping by the Catholic Church.

Attendees brave enough to face the spooky historical tour download the app Ghost Observer, Frank explained. This app allows users to capture paranormal activity in audio and visual formats. Unfortunately, there were no reported paranormal encounters during the September tour.

However, during the first October tour, one attendee experienced an encounter with a friendly ghost. Marvin, a postal worker in Ellicottville over 200 years ago, made an appearance through the app.

This opportunity also allows attendees to hear about local ghost stories. One example Frank shared is a well-dressed gentleman, presumably from the 1800s, who sometimes makes an appearance in a local bar.

Frank researched this man and thinks there may be a possible connection between a fire in the late 1800s which killed three workers in that area.

“History can be fun, and this is one way I love to show it while supporting our local museum,” Frank said.

Stay tuned for another round of the Ghost Walks in Ellicottville to experience the spooky fun firsthand. Spots for three more tours are open on Oct. 15, 22 and 29.

Make a reservation at or come the night of the walk. Cost is $10 per person.

For more information, visit or contact Ellen Frank, historical museum vice president, at 699-2276 or 474-8528.

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