Live-action ‘Pinocchio’ remake is a soulless, wasted Disney wish

Tom Hanks is Geppetto with his wooden puppet boy Pinocchio, voiced by Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, in the new live-action remake of “Pinocchio,” now on Disney+.

I don’t know exactly what the executives in the $3,000 suits and corner offices at Disney are wishing upon a star for, but I have a feeling it’s exactly what the company has been experiencing over the past several years — a steady rise of power by not taking chances.

That’s not to say Disney doesn’t still produce great movies because, occasionally, they do. But since its acquisition of Marvel and Star Wars in the early 2010s, and more recently with the launch of Disney+ as its own streaming platform and the purchase of 20th Century Fox, a little less heart and soul exists in what is supposed to be the happiest palace on earth where dreams come true.

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