Sam Benzel

Sam Benzel

Cattaraugus-Little Valley

(Editor’s note: This letter is the first of a continuing series in the Salamanca Press, honoring high school seniors in spring sports in their own words. Submissions may be sent to

Social Distancing is not good for a softball season. It has increased my time at home. I am trying to stay active and the latest snowfall isn’t helping. I have enjoyed participating in our team’s daily workout plans. I have been able to spend a lot of time with my family which has been nice…. Most of the time. When I think about the reality of not having my senior softball season it hurts. It just makes me sad. Not only do I miss the competitive side of the sport and the physical fitness, but everything that comes with this final season. I may not be a starter on the field, but that doesn’t affect the respect I have for my coaches and my teammates. During practices… between practices... during games… after wins… and after losses we continue to build strong friendships and some great memories. Instead of dreading all the tears that were going to fall on senior night, now I just hope to experience a senior night with all those special ladies, our coaches, and families.

I have had a lot of great memories over my high school sports career. Again, every memory revolves around my teammates and our bond on and off the field.

I think about each year and the tradition of having our school pep rallies. Each of the sports teams put together a routine to perform in front of the school. It is such a team bonding event putting it together. During softball I have been lucky enough to go to Myrtle Beach as a player and a fan. Coach always hopes that our trip will be good, for us as athletes and as a team. I was so looking forward to this last trip as a CLV Senior. If I could send a thank you to my teammates, I would let them know how special our time together has been. We always had a blast and made the best of each day. As for a tribute to my coaches I would want to thank them for coaching on and off the field. My coaches aren’t only there to help me improve in sports but are there all year long always giving support and guidance. Finally, I would like to thank my family. Thank you for always being there and supporting me.

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