Trying bookbinding at the Ellicottville library

Janna Willoughby-Lour, of Papercraft Miracles, leads a group of 15 children in creating their own journal books at the Ellicottville Memorial Library.

ELLICOTTVILLE — Janna Willoughby-Lour of Papercraft Miracles, in Buffalo, recently visited young participants in the summer creative writing activities program at the Ellicottville Memorial Library.

After explaining her technique in making paper from different materials, she led a group of 15 children in creating and binding their own journal books.

The children started by folding nine sheets of paper, and one heavier cover sheet, in half using a bone folding tool.

After the pages were assembled, the center of the book was marked with spots were small holes could be made using an awl.

A needle threaded with waxed linen bookbinder's thread was then used to bind the pages together.

Many children found their favorite part in the process was decorating the cover of their little handmade book with stickers.