How does your garden grow?

Marge Rindos tends to the courtyard garden at Hillview Manor in Salamanca.

SALAMANCA — On any fair day, 90-year-old Marge Rindos is often found in the courtyard at Hillview Manor as she carries out her self-appointed job as garden guardian.

Marge waters and weeds, snips and prunes the plants she now knows by name in the space that was professionally landscaped a few years ago.

But Marge’s gardening efforts have now also traveled around the corner of the building to a space she has claimed for herself.

“It was just a patch of big weeds,” she said, “So, I knew they wouldn't mind if I cleaned it up.”

Marge’s happy little space between the building and sidewalk has become home to some of her potted plants and a collection of ceramic animals.

“It would be a problem to cut the grass with a mower, so I do it with a pair of scissors,” she explained. “I can’t get down on my hands and knees anymore, so I have to sort of squat down or bend over.”

There is a tree on one corner, and Marge has positioned some bean plants at the base of it in hopes that the vines will climb up the trunk.

A friend and neighbor contributed some flowers and a hanging basket to complete the ambience.

A nearby bench in the shade makes this a happy new meeting spot thanks to Marge’s efforts.