Helping hands healing hungry hearts

Alexandria Seekins, Tammy Davies, Benjamin Sheldon, Tammy Sheldon, and Cordon Crampton, all members of the Healing Reigns Fellowship, served a homemade soup lunch to residents of Hillview Manor on Saturday, Feb. 1, the first in a weekly program called Helping Hands Healing Hungry Hearts.

SALAMANCA — A new outreach program from the Healing Reigns Fellowship Church on River Street will provide free soup lunches on Saturdays for residents of Hillview Manor.

The purpose of "Helping Hands Healing Hungry Hearts" is simply to cheer people up in this mostly elderly community and provide a warming and nourishing lunch.

“It fills my heart to do this,” said Tammy Davies, one of the hosts.

The first of these events was held Saturday, Feb. 1, and the hosts included Davies, Tammy Sheldon, Alexandria Seekins, Benjamin Shelon and Corbin Crampton.

Participating residents were served a luncheon meal of homemade beef-barley soup, crusty rolls, assorted juices, and homemade chocolate chip cookies.

“Every week we will offer a different soup,” said Davies. “Next week we will have potato soup.”