Salamanca schools to resume 5-day in-person instruction Monday

Prospect Elementary and Seneca Intermediate schools will return to a five-day in-person instruction schedule for students April 12. The high school will have a four-day in-person instruction schedule.

SALAMANCA — After more than a year of teaching and learning from home, either partially or for weeks at a time, most educators and students in the Salamanca City Central School District have the opportunity to attend school in person every day of the week beginning Monday.

At the district’s Board of Education meeting March 16, the board approved returning to a five-day in-person instruction schedule for Prospect Elementary and Seneca Intermediate schools. The high school will have a four-day in-person instruction schedule.

At the high school, registration was open for students in grades 8 through 12. Explained in a letter by principal Chris Siebert and assistant principal Lynn Magiera, students will follow a condensed schedule of eight periods over two days, Monday and Tuesday (Red Day) and Thursday and Friday (Gray Day), beginning on Monday, April 12.

If a child was currently participating in the hybrid program at the high school, they would automatically be enrolled, the letter stated. But if the child is only attending the e-learning hub, they had to be registered to attend in-person instruction.

“We are continuing to be mindful of the health and safety of all students and staff; therefore, movement between classrooms will be limited and class sizes will remain reduced to secure the health and safety of all individuals in the school,” the letter states. “Although the social distancing guidelines have been reduced from 6 feet to 3 feet, poly-carbonate barriers will be used when students are in a classroom with less than 6 feet of social distance.”

At Seneca Intermediate School, principal Nicole Beaver said in a letter that all students are strongly encouraged to attend classic in-person five days a week. However, the hybrid option will continue for students as well the complete e-learning option from home.

“Please remember if your child is e-learning participation is required,” Beaver’s letter stated. “We expect all e-learning students to fully engage in the required schoolwork.”

Additionally, school bus pick-ups and drop-offs will resume using the district’s current information, the letter explained. Times may change, and any changes may take up to 10 days to accommodate.

As with the high school, social distancing guidelines have been reduced and barriers will still be used. Students will still be required to wear a mask.

At Prospect Elementary School, principal Gayle Pavone said in her letter that every hybrid student will become a five-day student, each classroom will have 13 or 14 students and each student will have a barrier and continue to wear masks.

“We as a staff will be adjusting classrooms to be able to maximize our space and maximize our instructional staff,” Pavone’s letter stated. “Though we do not like the fact that your child may need to move homerooms, we need to do what we can so that all students can attend five days.”

As with the other schools, e-learning options are still available for students and bus pick-ups and drop-offs may change, the letter explained. However, drop-off and pick-up times at the school will be 8:20 to 8:40 a.m. and 2 to 2:20 p.m., respectively.

For more information, call the high school at 945-2404, Seneca Intermediate at 945-5140 or Prospect Elementary at 945-5170.

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