SALAMANCA — Cleanup of the streets, parks and other city properties are progressing as the Salamanca Department of Public Works continues its spring work and preparations for summer.

DPW Superintendent Rob Carpenter said a crew has been finishing the new restroom at Highland Avenue Playground. With assistance from the Board of Public Utilities, the building now has electricity. Carpenter said they need to hook up the lights and hand dryers as well as the toilets, sinks and related plumbing.

“We have a sidewalk formed up that we’re going to run over to the playground, and we have some landscaping work we need to do,” he said. “There’s more money left in the grant, so we need to figure out if we want more picnic tables, shade areas, pergolas, whatever we can put up there to make it look nice.”

Weather permitting, Carpenter said he expects to have a crew begin patching within the week.

Although the department is still short several part-time workers, he said he hopes to have a three-person crew replacing sidewalks this summer.

“I won’t get into the full swing of doing any sidewalk work until we get off the main drags with patching,” he said. Busier roads to see patching include East State, North State, West State, Washington and part of Center streets and Front Avenue. “Once we get done with those streets, I can leave a four-man crew out patching.”

In the past month, crews have been out picking up sod, garbage and debris in the streets and subways, going through the city about five times, Carpenter said. He said the DPW will pick up sod and debris from people’s front yards again in the fall, but those can be taken to the county dump for free during the summer.

A crew has been replacing bad drains in the city as well as pipes in close proximity to the drains, Carpenter said. Wildwood Cemetery has been cleaned up and is ready for the summer. The DPW is going to coordinate with the Seneca Nation about putting pedestrian crossing signs on the streets where the Pennsy Trail runs through, Carpenter said, but there is no set time of when to expect them up.

In other business, Carpenter said he is setting up a meeting with Dr. Graham Hayes at the Salamanca High School who is interested in having his GIS class do a project mapping out parts of the city’s infrastructure.

“I thought that would be an excellent idea because we can always use the help,” he said. “This isn’t an overnight process. This is going to be months, if not longer.”

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