Back to Our Roots adds holistic doctor, RN to staff

Tina Hice (right) has added the services of an RN and holistic doctor to her business Back to Our Roots, at 26 Broad St. Hice is shown with her husband, Eric.

SALAMANCA — Back to Our Roots wellness center announces the addition of David Costantino, RN, of North Tonawanda, and Dr. David Lee, a holistic doctor based in Woodstock, Ga., to their staff.

Owner Tina Hice and her family are excited to have these practitioners onboard at the center located at 26 Broad St. to offer more services to people in the Salamanca area who are looking for a pathway to better health.

“I linked up with Dr. Lee because of my health, and it changed my life,” Hice said. “I figured we’d bring him to people in the Salamanca area because he’s the best doctor I have ever seen.”

Back to Our Roots is hosting a healing weekend with Dr. Lee on Friday and Saturday when he will present “If Your Body Could Talk.” During the program, SpectraVision, brain mapping and cardiovascular scans will be offered.

Hice said both Dr. Lee and Costantino work with her business remotely on a daily basis, and Lee visits quarterly. Costantino also comes to the center for scheduled visits.

“They are both amazing. Between RN Costantino and Dr. Lee, they answer questions that we can’t and help us give our customers the proper, recommended supplements and therapies,” she said. “We use three different companies that offer all doctor prescribed natural supplements.”

Hice said she started the business because of her own health journey, and now her health is better than ever. Wanting to share her path to better health with the local public, she initially opened Back to Our Roots in January with the goal of having a place to give people options to achieve whole body wellness and a way to heal their bodies naturally.

What started as a place to purchase supplements and herbs, along with advice on how to use them, has transformed and developed into a full-service holistic and wellness center. Hice said they are currently working with people battling Lyme disease and stroke.

“Dr. Lee offers SpectraVision, brain mapping and cardiovascular scans, among other things. We have two doctor-prescribed all-natural lines we carry, as well as our retail products,” she said.

The center also provides many medical-grade modalities. Raindrop therapy, health and diet protocols and a weigh-in weight management support group is offered. Maple products are available at the store.

Back to Our Roots will also soon have a new home when Hice moves her business and reopens Aug. 9 at 8 Main St. She said it’ll be located on the corner of Broad and Main streets, just down the street from the current location, and has a parking lot on the side of the building.

Back to Our Roots is a family business where it’s “all hands on deck.” Hice said her son, Kyle, is her right-hand man and pretty much her office manager. He is a recent high school graduate and works at the store everyday. She said Dr. Lee’s practice of natural healing has influenced him to study naturopathic medicine.

Hice said the goal of her business is to have a place that offers people options for whole body wellness and therapies.

“We believe people can be their own healers and, when at all possible, we should use nature to heal our bodies,” she said.

Free wellness classes are offered on Monday evenings at 6 p.m. when people can learn about everything from natural gardening to healthy cooking or detoxing their body. Weight management classes are offered on Wednesday mornings at 11 a.m. for $4.

Current business hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.; and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (716) 572-2232.

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