Streaming originals to watch this awards season

Benedict Cumberbatch as Phil Burbank in “The Power of the Dog” on Netflix.

The holiday season is over, but the often disappointing run of bad films are dumped in theaters in January and February movies is here. Thankfully, with awards ceremonies like the Golden Globes and Oscars coming up, there are several highly acclaimed movies up for nominations that you can stream from the comfort of your living room.

From a post-modern western drama to a couple of biopics about infinitely complex creators and entertainers to an outrageous science-fiction satire, here are some of the popular movies winning awards and hoping for Oscar gold to watch at home this winter.

‘The Power of the Dog’ – starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Kirstin Dunst.

In 1925 Montana, the Burbank brothers Phil (Cumberbatch) and George (Jesse Plemons) are wealthy ranchers who stop at the Red Mill restaurant on their way to market. The brothers meet Rose (Dunst), the widowed proprietress, and her impressionable son, Peter (Kodi Smit-McPhee). Although Phil behaves cruelly, driving them both to tears, George comforts Rose and soon returns to marry her. As Phil swings between fury and cunning, his taunting of Rose takes an eerie form of gaslighting and mockery. But as he and Peter make an unexpected connection of their own, Phil appears to take the boy under his wing.

From the Oscar-winning writer/director Jane Campion, this film is a tense, emotional look at a mixed family with secrets and hidden sides trying to survive when their status quo feels threatened. The performances are incredible, especially from Cumberbatch as a scary and heartbreaking way, and the gorgeous production feels like a painting jumping off the screen.

“The Power of the Dog” recently won three Golden Globes and is nominated for 10 Critics Choice Awards. It’s available on Netflix.

‘Tick, Tick... Boom!’ – starring Andrew Garfield.

Jonathan Larson (Garfield) is a young theater composer waiting tables at a New York City diner in 1990 while writing what he hopes will be the next great American musical. Days before he's due to showcase his work in a make-or-break performance, Jon is feeling the pressure amidst an artistic community being ravaged by the AIDS epidemic. His girlfriend, Susan (Alexandra Shipp), dreams of an artistic life beyond New York City, while his friend Michael (Robin de Jesus), who has moved on from his dream to a life of financial security. With the clock ticking, Jon is at a crossroads and wonders what he is meant to do with the time he has.

From the Tony- and Grammy-winning writer/composer Lin-Manuel Miranda in his directorial debut, this based-on-a-true-story musical is by Larson himself years before his biggest hit, “Rent.” As a meta-narrative of a man telling his own story within a story, Larson is often his own worst enemy, but Garfield’s mesmerizing performance is worth all the praise he receives.

“Tick, Tick… Boom!” recently won a Golden Globe and is nominated for two Critics Choice Awards. It’s available on Netflix.

‘Being the Ricardos’ – starring Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem.

In 1952 Hollywood, follow power couple Lucille Ball (Kidman) and Desi Arnaz (Bardem) in a revealing glimpse into the couple’s complex romantic and professional relationship, taking audiences into the writers’ room, onto the soundstage and behind closed doors with Ball and Arnaz. The couple and their future success are threatened by shocking personal accusations, a political smear and cultural taboos for the 1950s, in all during one critical production week of their groundbreaking sitcom “I Love Lucy.”

From Oscar-winning writer/director Aaron Sorkin, this unique look into the lives of TV’s biggest stars from the 1950s is wonderfully written utilizing flashbacks and “present day” interviews to round out this historical moment’s retelling. Kidman and Bardem disappear into their characters with support from J.K. Simmons, Tony Hale and more perfectly cast performances.

“Being the Ricardos” recently won a Golden Globe and is nominated for three Critics Choice Awards. It’s available on Amazon Prime.

‘Don't Look Up’ – starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence.

Kate Dibiasky (Lawrence), an astronomy grad student, and her professor Dr. Randall Mindy (DiCaprio) make an astounding discovery of a comet on a direct collision course with Earth in six months, and they need to get the world’s attention. Kate and Randall embark on a media tour that takes them from the office of an indifferent President (Meryl Streep) to an upbeat morning show hosted by Brie (Cate Blanchett) and Jack (Tyler Perry). Managing the 24-hour news cycle and gaining the attention of the social media-obsessed public before it's too late proves shockingly comical.

From the hilariously twisted mind of Oscar-winning writer/director Adam McKay comes his latest “true story” satirical dramedy after “The Big Short” and “Vice.” Once again packing an all-star cast, McKay shoots for the stars, and even if some of the real-world parallels and criticisms don’t hit, the performances and go-for-broke scale of it do provide plenty of laughs.

“Don’t Look Up” received four Golden Globe nominations and is up for six Critics Choice Awards. It’s available on Netflix.

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