Holly McGonigle

Holly McGonigle

By Holly McGonigle

Salamanca High School

What I lost from not playing my senior year is enjoying it with my teammates for that last time. I have been doing sports since seventh grade and I loved it. My sister actually got me into sports, which I thank her for everyday.

I’m gonna miss all the practices, games and just having fun with my coaches. Last year, matter of fact, I got a concussion during a lacrosse game and let me tell you I was heartbroken. The next week was counties for track and it was the playoff game for lacrosse and I couldn’t participate in both of them. I was heartbroken. I was so close to getting on the top ten for shot put for my school and that’s when I told myself that I got it next year.

This 2019-2020 year was surely the best year. We have gotten far in soccer and got a home playoff game. In basketball we won league championships and got to play at JCC, which was such an amazing experience. And I was hoping for track and lacrosse we would go far into counties and playoffs. It took away what I most loved doing since I was in high school and let me tell you: When people say senior year flies by, it really does, and especially high school. I hope this coronavirus can end so I can play with my teammates one last time.