Brynn Pagett

Brynn Pagett

For as far back as my memory takes me, I can remember there being a softball in my hands, ready to make it onto the field. Day by day, my best friend taught me everything he could about the game. As great as my father was, there would still be days he’d show more love by spending an extra hour at the field just so I could leave satisfied with practice. I went from Babe Ruth softball to a travel league. This travel league truthfully showed me the importance of the game. I had my dad by my side for every moment. I grew to be the player that I always dreamed of through learning both the physical and mental sides of the game.

The game brought me happiness, more time with my father and lucky for me I also gained a person in my life that would be a second father to me, Coach Tom. He made sure I had the chance to continue to the next level of playing. He showed me that the two most important things you need to take with you anywhere in life were great effort and attitude. Through all of the ups and downs of my softball career, I had the two most important men in my life by my side to help me learn how to deal with every situation. Softball has not only helped me to build my physical skills, but it has also helped me to learn great life lessons that I will continue to carry with me. The ball field was my safe place, where even if something didn’t go my way, I was still so happy to be able to have that moment. For that I thank my mentors who happened to be my coaches.

I was born with Cystic Fibrosis, a chronic lung disease that causes me to easily get infections and have difficulty breathing. Physical activity is one of the best ways to keep my lungs healthy, because of this I took a shot and signed up for the varsity basketball team. We had four games left in the season and I landed on my wrist, breaking it. My junior season I had lost because I had broken my wrist. I spent the next 3 months trying to rebuild my swing from the start with Coach Tom. It was a long, disheartening process.

This year was going to be my comeback year, my final year with my father as my coach, and my last year to show everyone how much I grew as a softball player and person. My whole life I refused to let my lung disease stop me, so this year I made sure a broken wrist wouldn’t hold me back either. Sadly, it wasn’t the injury that got in my way, it was a deadly virus that didn’t just take away the finale of my high school career, but it also stole my last chance to play softball in high school.

My senior season was stolen, yet, I kept practicing hoping that somehow we’d be back to play a few games. Sadly, at this point we should say goodbye. I am beyond grateful for everything the game has taught me, but more importantly, who the game has brought into my life to help me grow into the person I am today. Thank you Softball, it was my pleasure.

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