Boys Div 4

Cardinal Hills’ Matthew Beaver (left) took home a win in the Boys’ Division IV group in Penn-York Junior Golf action on Monday. Beaver used a par to narrowly edge Caledonia’s Liam McArdle (right) and Springville’s Coleman Carls in a playoff.

BRADFORD, Pa. — Four playoffs highlighted Week 2 action of the Penn-York Junior Golf League at Pennhills Club Monday.

The Division I boys, Division III boys, Division III girls and Division IV boys groups all needed an extra hole to determine a winner.

For the Division I boys group (ages 16-18), Smethport’s Connor Alfieri emerged victorious over Kane’s Curtis Barner and Bartlett’s Sean Campbell by birdieing the first playoff hole. Each of the three carded a 75 (5-over par) in regulation, though it took a stellar back nine by Alfieri to make the playoff in the first place.

After shooting a 38 on the front nine, Alfieri trailed Campbell by one stroke and was behind last week’s winner, Spencer Cornelius (Pine Acres), by three.

But with five pars, Alfieri, who finished second last week by one stroke, was able to draw to within one of the competition. He then birdied on 18 to subsequently force the playoff.

For Alfieri, the difference was in his tee and wedge shots.

“I didn’t putt that well today, so it was more trying to hit fairways and get wedges to within 15 feet of the hole,” he said. “I hit good wedge shots, but my tee shots were what saved me on the back nine.”

On hole 18, it was that exact combination that propelled him into the extra hole.

“I played two practice rounds here the last two days. I draw the ball, so I liked the shape of the hole, and that tree (near the green) was pretty good for me, so I started at that tree and drew it over,” Alfieri said.

“I got it probably five yards off the back of the green and it was just downhill, so the tee shots saved me again.”

That familiarity and gameplan loomed large in the extra hole, too. Alfieri drove the ball to the 100-yard marker, chipped to within about eight feet and then sank a putt for birdie, giving him the victory.

ELSEWHERE, in Division III (ages 12-13) boys play, Bartlett Country Club’s Ryan Lechner edged Coudersport’s Kaden Heckman on the first playoff hole with a birdie to win after each carded a 42 through 18 holes. It was Lechner’s second victory in as many weeks.

Meanwhile, Rylee Thompson (Bolivar) won the nine-hole Division III girls’ division with a score of 65. She toppled Moonbrook’s Nilla Ecklof on the second playoff hole for the victory.

Also, in the boys’ Division IV (ages 11 and under) group, Cardinal Hills’ Matthew Beaver won a three-person playoff against Caledonia’s Liam McArdle and Springville’s Coleman Carls with a par on the first playoff hole.

“It was a lot of pressure, but I guess I came through,” said Beaver, who also won the division last week.

McArdle, meanwhile, turned in his second consecutive runner-up finish. He was happy with his performance on Monday, and added he’s enjoying the start to the Penn-York season.

“I handled it well,” he said of the playoff. “My first shot was a drive left, and then I hit my hybrid right in front of the green. I had a hard decision to chip or putt then. I chipped and it landed five feet away, and then I putted and missed from the back, so I putted again.”

IN GIRLS’ Division I play, Pine Acres’ Sadie Oliver notched her first career Penn-York Division I victory with a score of 57 across nine holes.

Oliver pointed to her fairway game as to why she was successful.

“I was using my 5-iron, and that went really well. It was working for me,” she noted.

She figured her fairway game could lead her to a win after a solid drive on hole No. 6.

“I had a really nice drive, and it just felt really good,” she said. “So after that I thought maybe today’s the day.”

Talan Stitt (Bartlett) picked up his second Penn-York victory of the season with a score of 93 in boys’ Division II (ages 14-15), while Makenna Heckman (Coudersport) won the girls’ Division IV with a score of 49.

Penn-York returns to New York next week with a Monday stop at Wellsville Country Club. Following are the full results from Pennhills:



1.) C. Alfieri (Smeth) 75-10

2.) C. Barner (Kane) 75- 9

3.) S. Campbell (Bar) 75- 8

4.) S. Cornelius (PA) 77- 7

5.) K. McClain (Bar) 79- 6

6.) M. Davis (Bar) 83- 5

7.) J. Pond (Elk) 85- 3.5

7.) M. Bizzak (Kane) 85- 3.5

9.) S. Russell (Spring) 86- 2

10.) B. Burton (HH) 87- 1


1.) T. Stitt (BAR) 93- 10

2.) A. Forrest (BR) 96- 9

3.) E. Bailey (WELL) 96- 8

4.) J. DeRose (Bar) 100- 7

5.) H. Brairton (Bar) 107- 6

6.) L. Brushingham (Bona) 109- 4.5

6.) M. Brinsky (PH) 109- 4.5

8.) T. Bates (Bar) 111- 3

9.) K. Padlo (Bona) 123- 2

10.) C. Brinsky (PH) 124- 1


1.) R. Lechner (BAR) 42- 10

2.) K. Heckman (Coud) 42- 9

3.) J. Morrison (CH) 45- 8

4.) T. Salvaggio (CH) 47- 7

5.) J. Mest (Bona) 48- 6

6.) D. Skaggs (PA) 49- 5

7.) C. Davis (CH) 50 - 4

8.) C.Kline (RA) 52- 3

9.) C. Strade (BR) 53- 1.5

9.) A. Schott (Coud) 53- 1.5

DIVISION IV (9 Hole Modified)

1.) M. Beaver (CH) 42- 10

2.) L. McCardle (Cal) 42- 9

3.) C. Carls (Spring) 42- 8

4.) N. Beaver (CH) 44- 7

5.) D. Myers (Bar) 49- 6

6.) L. Johnson (Bar) 52- 4.5

6.) J. Bell (Kane) 52- 4.5

8.) M. Forrest (BR) 54- 3

9.) A. Leet (PA) 55- 2

10.) K. Streich (Coud) 57- 1


DIVISION I (9 Holes)

1.) S. Oliver (PA) 57 - 10

2.) A. Salvaggio (CH) 59 - 9

3.) O.Schott (Coud) 60 - 7.5

3.) S. Cornelius (PA) 60 - 7.5


1.) R. Thompson (Bol) 65 - 10

2.) N. Ecklof (Moon) 65 - 9

3.) K. Crawford (Bona) 72 - 8

4.) P. Leet (PA) 73 - 7

5.) C. Bell (Kane) 74 - 6

6.)M. Ford (Bona) 77 - 5

7.) A. Bates (Bona) 78 - 4

DIVISION IV (9 Hole Modified)

1.) M. Heckman (Coud) 49 - 10

2.) J. Sherry (Coud) 77 - 9