WVDP encapsulates Main Plant office building slab

A worker at the West Valley Demonstration Project applies Polymeric Barrier System (PBS) to the concrete slab of the former Main Plant Office Building to protect employees from potential hazardous materials and unintended releases.

WEST VALLEY — A facility disposition crew at the West Valley Demonstration Project encapsulated the Main Plant office building concrete slab with polymeric barrier system (PBS) to release the slab so it is no longer considered an asbestos area.

This practice protects employees from this hazardous material and safeguards against unintended releases. PBS was also used during the demolition of the 01-14 Building and Vitrification Facility.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, a deactivation and decommissioning crew safely removed asbestos-containing material (ACM) from inside the Main Plant office building prior to its demolition.

Working with asbestos-containing material is the most physically-challenging work at the site when you include radiological and industrial hazards, layers of protective clothing, warm temperatures and now COVID-19 protocols.

The former Main Plant office building was demolished in December 2019 by CH2M HILL BWXT West Valley, the Department of Energy’s cleanup contractor at the site. This demolition brought the Department of Energy’s total number of structures removed from the site to 66. 

“Our team continues to leverage their combined knowledge and expertise to safely complete the demolition, disposition and restoration of facilities no longer needed,” said WVDP Director Bryan Bower. “This work will enhance safety efforts in preparation for the future demolition of the Main Plant Process Building (MPPB).”

The Main Plant demolition and reducing the EM complex footprint are part of EM’s priorities for 2020.

The Main Plant office building was the fifth of seven ancillary support buildings that once supported the MPPB.

The next ancillary building scheduled for demolition will be the utility room as the site transitions to Phase 2 of its COVID-19 Work Resumption Plan.