LITTLE VALLEY — Cattaraugus County Legislature Chairman James J. Snyder, R-Olean, has announced revised committee appointments in the wake of the death in January of former Chairman Paula Stockman.

Andrew Burr of Gowanda, who was named by Republican committeemen in the District 1 to succeed Stockman, was named to three committees: Finance, Human Services and Strategic Planning.

Burr replaced District 1 Republican Richard Klancer, R-Gowanda, on the Finance Committee; Vice Chairman Susan Labuhn, D-Salamanca, replaced Snyder as chairman and John Padlo, D-Olean, the new minority leader, replaced Labuhn.

On the Human Services Committee, Burr replaced Dan Hale, R-Portville, and Barbara Hastings, D-Allegany, replaced Labuhn, who had been elected Legislature vice chairman in a move by the bipartisan majority comprised of all five Democrats and four Republicans.

Burr replaced Olean Republican Frank Higgins on the Strategic Planning Committee.

Higgins replaced Richard Helmich, R-Delevan, as a member of the County Operations Committee.

Snyder and Labuhn staged the overthrow after the Republican majority passed him over as vice chairman to nominate Majority Leader Donna Vickman, R-Farmersville, for chairman to succeed the late Stockman.

There are 12 Republicans and five Democrats on the Legislature. Four Democrats and five Republicans created a bipartisan majority.

Membership on the Development and Agriculture, Public Works and Labor Relations Committees remained unchanged.

The revised committee structure follows. An asterisk notes committee chairman and two asterisks notes the vice chairman:

County Operations Committee: Richard Klancer, R-Gowanda; **Robert Neal, R-Randolph; Joseph Boberg, R-Delevan; Frank Higgins, R-Olean; David Koch, D-Salamanca; John Padlo, D-Olean, and Howard VanRensselaer, R-Randolph.

Development and Agriculture Committee: *VanRensselaer, **Koch, Dan Hale, R-Portville; Barbara Hastings, D-Allegany; Higgins, Padlo, and Joseph Snyder, R-Ischua.

Finance Committee: *Susan Labuhn, D-Salamanca; **Hale, Andrew Burr, R-Gowanda; Virgilio “Dick” Giardini, D-Allegany; Richard Helmich, R-Delevan; Padlo, and Donna Vickman, R-Farmersville.

Human Services Committee: *Vickman, **Joseph Snyder, Robert Breton, R-Franklinville; Burr, Hastings, Helmich, and Neal.

Labor Relations Committee: *Vickman, **Breton, Giardini, Higgins, and Neal.

Public Works Committee: *Giardini, **Helmich, Boberg, Breton, Klancer, Koch, and Joseph Snyder.

Strategic Planning Committee: *Helmich, **Koch, Boberg, Burr, Hastings, Klancer, and Padlo.