OLEAN — Despite the financial impact of the pandemic, area businesses have stepped up to make possible a prize package of more than $14,000 with the support of the Cattaraugus Region Community Foundation for Cattaraugus Gives in 2020.

Cattaraugus Gives is a 24-hour online fundraising event set for Dec. 1, bringing together area nonprofits in a variety of service areas in friendly competition to celebrate the community’s spirit of giving.

Last year, 70 Cattaraugus Gives participating nonprofits together raised $110,996 during the 24-hour event.

Confirmed prizes for Cattaraugus Gives range from $2,000 sponsored by Cutco Corp. and $1,000 sponsored by Both, Branch and Hendrix, to several prizes of $500 and $250.

A listing of the prizes can be found at cattaraugusgives.org.

Karen Neimic Buchheit, CRCF executive director, said the growing prize package and increased recognition of Cattaraugus Gives positions the day to have an even bigger impact at a critical time.

“We know that people at our area nonprofits have felt the financial strain of the COVID-19 pandemic, but we have seen our community step up time and time again to make a difference for those in need,” Buchheit said. “In a time where we have to be physically apart, Cattaraugus Gives brings us together, and I know the community will again rally around the nonprofits that provide such essential services, especially in times like these.

Any businesses or individuals who would still like to join in sponsoring Cattaraugus Gives can contact the foundation at foundation@cattfoundation.org or 301-2723.

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