Ellicottville Lacrosse Festival

The Ellicottville Lacrosse Festival, which was held Sept. 22-24, was considered a success in its first year and is expected to return in 2018.

ELLICOTTVILLE — After the nets have been packed away and the sticks return home, organizers of the inaugural Ellicottville Lacrosse Festival have called the event a success.

“We have been actively looking for more sporting groups to compete in Ellicottville since the World Bowhunting Championships moved on and I know we have found a long-term partner in Rhino Lacrosse,” said Brian McFadden, executive director of the Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce. “We believe the economic impact of this event will be significant over the next few years.”

The joint effort by the Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce and Rhino Lacrosse saw 38 teams from New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Vermont, Canada and other places around the region. With over 70 games played in two days in two local venues, the village was filled with players, their families and fans of the game.

Ellicottville Lacrosse Festival director Ryan Powell called Ellicottville a “beautiful” and “perfect” place to hold the lacrosse event.

“Feedback from families was so positive,” he said. “They have raved about the location, the super friendly people and all the things to do in the area. We have quickly received great feedback from our first-year event and are already looking forward to September 2018!”

Dates have been set and planning is under way for the return of lacrosse to Ellicottville. Rhino will bring the nets back Sept. 21-23, 2018 for the second year of the festival.