Clinton Mini Mart

The new Clinton Mini Mart offers unique Native American food for customers to enjoy giving them an opportunity to try foods they have never tasted before. Shown outside the store is owner Marcelene Nephew.

SALAMANCA — The Clinton Mini Mart recently opened at 11 Summit St. under the ownership of first-time business owner Marcelene Nephew.

The new convenience store offers unique Native American food for customers to enjoy, whether it’s familiar fare or a new taste experience at an affordable price.

Nephew, who lives nearby and is assisted by her daughter, Macey, said having Native American traditional foods on the menu is something no other local mart offers.

She said every last Thursday of each month people may purchase food items including fry bread with beans and salt pork, Indian tacos, corn soup and corn wheels with beans.

According to Nephew, the corn wheel is like a hominy corn wheel with kidney beans in it and it’s boiled in water. She said it comes out in a wheel that is sliced. People can eat it cold or warmed up with butter and salt and pepper.

“I was looking for something that would be really appealing to people in this community. It also gives people an opportunity to try foods they have never tasted before,” she said.

Nephew said she carries merchandise that most other convenience stores stock including canned goods, syrups, cookies, beverages, milk, butter, eggs, snacks and pizza which, she’s been told, is the best pizza in town.

She said it’s her own recipe and they worked on the sauce until they got it just right. The crust is homemade and it’s hand-stretched the way they like it.

“I’ve been cooking now, off and on periodically, for 30-something years and my kids suggested that I open a convenience store or restaurant because I’m always cooking,” she said. “My mother, Alice Nephew, was my inspiration because she was a cook her whole life. She’s from the Cattaraugus Reservation.”

Nephew said the previous owner had a can redemption counter in the store, and she hopes to also offer that service in the near future.

Other future plans include possible expansion of the store, as well as adding her special fried chicken to the menu which, she hopes, will become their main feature.

She plans to offer the chicken with all the sides. She said it might work into a catering business specializing in her fried chicken dinners.

“The recipe is similar to Lakeside Chicken, near Silver Creek. Ever since I had their chicken, I’ve loved it,” she said. “I came up with my own recipe by combining a Lakeside-type chicken recipe with a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)-type recipe. This chicken is crisp, but stays moist on the inside.”

To place an order, or to find out more about the Clinton Mini Mart, call 945-0008 or find it on Facebook.

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