Leaf pick-up schedule in Salamanca begins today

The Salamanca Department of Public Works will begin picking up leaves in the city wards on Monday, Oct. 26.

SALAMANCA — The Salamanca Department of Public Works began picking up leaves in the city wards today.

• Ward 1: Monday, Oct. 26 through Wednesday, Oct. 28;

• Ward 2: Thursday, Oct. 29 through Monday, Nov. 2;

• Ward 3: Tuesday, Nov. 3 through Thursday, Nov. 5;

• Ward 4: Friday, Nov. 6 through Tuesday, Nov. 10; and

• Ward 5: Wednesday, Nov. 11 through Friday, Nov. 13.

City officials ask city residents in all wards to rake leaves to the curbside — not out into the road. By keeping piles out of the roads, the drains will not plug as quickly and young children will not be tempted to play out in the streets.

Officials also ask to not mix sticks, branches or pumpkins in with leaf piles as they clog the hose on the leaf machine.

At the DPW Commission meeting Oct. 14, Superintendent Rob Carpenter said one truck is fully equipped for leaf pick-up. He said there’s been a crew out every day picking up leaves and debris.

“After we get through your ward and you want more picked up, you need to put it in clear plastic bags and we’ll pick it up,” he said. “As soon as we’re done with this, we have to start breaking down trucks and getting ready for snow.”

Carpenter said the DPW is done with sidewalks for the year after the crew had to mix the last batch of concrete by hand due to the concrete plant not delivering it to the city.

“We got a real bad spot on Main Street and finished up on Monroe (Street),” he said. “I think we covered quite a bit of ground this year with sidewalks.”

Carpenter said that many residents have called him asking about getting their sidewalks repaired. He said the department is addressing “the worst of the worst” first and will go back and go through the wards again.

“It’s going to take us years to catch up, but I think we accomplished a lot this year,” he added.

Crews have begun striping city streets where there were stop and middle lines before the tar-and-chip work done recently, Carpenter said. He said they’d also like to fix some turn arrows and crosswalks, but it’s hard to say how far they’ll get before the weather turns. Other recent work has included drainage projects, he said.

“We’re just hammering it. We’re busy,” he said. “Just the leaves alone eats up a lot of guys.”

Looking ahead, Carpenter said he’s already into preparing for the winter shifts and setting up a schedule. He said they will have one truck ready to plow and salt the roads in case an early storm hits unexpectedly.

“I still have to get the second truck put together before the leaves, so when we start on the 26th we have both of our trucks running,” he said.

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