LITTLE VALLEY — The first of three public hearings on a proposed 2020 Cattaraugus County Shared Services Plan involving more than half the municipalities in the county was held Wednesday.

County Administrator Jack Searles, who has shepherded the previous Shared Services Plan that netted the county and its municipalities more than $900,000, presented a list of projects that are being considered for next year.

The county and municipalities received an amount from the state that was equal to the savings.

The participation in the upcoming Shared Services Plan could surpass the initial plan, Searles said.

“From my perspective, everyone should jump on board,” he said. “The wild card this year is participation in department of public works purchases.”

Towns, villages and the two cities will be able to purchase more than 200 commodities through the county Department of Public Works. Those first-year savings will be matched by the state.

Searles said no decision was made to add school districts and fire districts to the plan at this time. But it’s not too late for municipalities that did not already apply for a Shared Services project to do so. They would have to piggyback on one of the projects proposed for next year, he explained.

Searles said he would be glad to talk to any municipal leader who is interested in joining a Shared Services project. No new projects will be initiated.

Besides the Public Works purchases, some of the Shared Services projects include:

• Consolidation of water districts in Mansfield, the town and village of Ellicottville and Great Valley.

• Guardrail projects with the town of Olean.

• Walk bridge installation with the town of Ashford.

• Kent Road bridge project with Mansfield.

• Multi-jurisdictional hazard mitigation plan with several towns.

• Data collection for property assessment with seveal towns.

• Group purchase of computer equipment.

• Shared code enforcement in the town and village of Portville.

• Vehicle diagnostics and maintenance for several towns.

• Folding tax bills.

• Joint purchase of equipment between the town and village of Portville and town of Olean, town and village of Ellicottville and the towns of Olean and Hinsdale.

The full County Legislature will vote on the plan before the end of this year.

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