LITTLE VALLEY — Cattaraugus County will receive $824,900 in enhanced Medicaid matching funds provided under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

The state Department of Health on Thursday announced $233 million in enhanced Medicaid (FMAP) funding was being allocated to counties. The funds will boost Medicaid reimbursement by 6.2 %.

Cattaraugus County Administrator Jack Searles said the money is not a windfall for the county. Rather, the state has allocated the funding that will reduce the county’s contributions to Medicaid by $824,900.

“The state will take out less from our account, equal to $824,900,” Searles said. The state bills the county on a weekly basis for Medicaid funding. The federal government pays half of Medicaid costs, with the state and counties splitting the remainder.

“While COVID-19 infection rates are dropping and New York State has effectively flattened the curve, we’re still feeling the significant human and financial toll of this virus,” said New York State Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker. “Governor Cuomo has been a fierce advocate for increased federal funding, and while this allotment will help the state and counties support programs important to our pandemic response, more federal funding is critically needed.”

The Medicaid benefits are based on the months January through June. The state Health Department posted a $1,065,957 benefit for Cattaraugus County, which is higher than the figure initially sent to county officials. Allegany County was to receive $505,554 of the special Medicaid funding tied to the novel coronavirus.

Since 2016, New York State has taken over all growth in Medicaid costs from local governments, holding their collective annual contribution at $7.6 billion. The enhanced FMAP support they will now receive will lower this contribution.

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