C.A.M.P. erects new sign at Memorial Building

On Dec. 7, members of C.A.M.P. completed the installation of a large informational sign at the Civil War Memorial Building to help bring public awareness to the building. (Left of sign) CAMP members Gail Bellamy, Jim Taft; (Back) Juanita Ried, treasurer; Jim Ried; (Right of sign) Tom Stetz, CAMP president; Jessica Wilson, Dwyer program coordinator; Tim Higgins, Dwyer program member; (Back): Bill Everts, CAMP member.

LITTLE VALLEY — Citizens Advocating Memorial Preservation (C.A.M.P.) has taken another step forward in their efforts to bring public awareness to the Civil War Memorial Building in the village located across Court Street from the County Center.

On Dec. 7, members from the not-for-profit group and two members from the Joseph P. Dwyer Veterans Peer Support Project met to erect a sign on the lawn in front of the building. The sign was made jointly by Allegany Citizen Printing, in Allegany, and Register Graphics, in Randolph.

The work session was attended by C.A.M.P. members Gail Bellamy, Jim Taft, Bill Everts, Jim Reid, Treasurer Juanita Ried and President Tom Stetz. Jessica Wilson, Dwyer program coordinator, and Tim Higgins, a member of the Dwyer program, assisted.

With the help of the Dwyer Program veterans, C.A.M.P. members completed the installation of a 4-by-8 foot informational sign at the Memorial Building site. The posts for the sign were previously set in place in early November.

Stetz said C.A.M.P. members, employees of the village of Little Valley, a local contractor and several Dwyer program veterans got together and made this happen. He said support and help came from the following people: Cattaraugus County Dwyer Program veterans, Jessica Wilson, coordinator; Village of Little Valley Mayor Jim Bowen; Trustee Todd Palmatier; Code Enforcement Officer Ron Bridenbaker; Zoning Inspector Ron Frentz; Moritz Excavation & Construction, owner Brent Moritz and employee Derrek Bates.

Contributions came from Todd Palmatier, Culpeper Wood Preservers, three pressure-treated wood posts; Brent Moritz who drilled the holes for the signposts; Home Depot in Olean, $50 off discount for the cost of the vinyl post, covers and caps; Jessica Wilson and Tim Higgins donated six bags of concrete mix, plywood and board.

“This cooperative effort by these parties should prove beneficial to all involved. It was a joint effort to make people aware of what’s going on with the building,” Stetz said. “We’re planning to also have a brochure box so, if someone comes along and wants more information, they can pick up a brochure.”

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