Fifty-eight county residents received news that they tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday — bringing the total to 3,128 cases over the past 10 months.

As New York and other states continue to expand the number of priority groups of people eligible to be vaccinated, supplies of available vaccines have not increased.

After adding those in priority group 1-B — including those over age 75 — to those in 1-A eligible for the vaccine, Gov. Andrew Cuomo followed another CDC recommendation on Tuesday to add individuals over age 65 and those who are immunocompromised.

The governor pointed out that the state is still receiving only 300,000 doses a week.

Cuomo said hospitals will continue to vaccinate hospital workers and individuals in group 1-A, while county health departments, pharmacies, doctors offices and state sites will administer the vaccine to others.

Seven million New Yorkers are now eligible to register for the vaccine. Adding those over age 65 to the 1-B group adds 1.8 million people. Group 1-B already had 3.2 million on top of the 2.1 million people in the 1-A group.

To overcome the shortage in the supply, the Centers for Disease Control on Tuesday authorized the use of all vaccine supplies instead of holding back half for use as the booster shot three to four weeks later.

The first shot is believed to offer up to 60% protection, while the booster increases that effectiveness to 90% or more.

President-elect Joe Biden said Monday he would authorize the use of all available vaccine supplies and invoke the Defense Production Act to acquire material to ramp up vaccine production.

Cattaraugus County Public Health Director Dr. Kevin Watkins said Monday the county Health Department site at Jamestown Community College in Olean would be open on Saturday in addition to 1-5 p.m. Monday through Friday to increase priority vaccinations. If enough vaccine can be obtained, a second county site will be opened in the northern part of the county next week.

To see if you are eligible and to schedule an appointment if you are, go online to An appointment is needed. No vaccine will be administered without an appointment.

On Tuesday, there were 489 active COVID-19 cases and 43 residents are hospitalized. There have been 61 deaths.

The health department is also following 645 people in contact quarantine and 78 in travelers quarantine.

Tuesday’s positivity rate was 7.3%, Watkins said. The seven-day rolling average is 8.6% positivity and the 14-day average is 9.3%

There were 37 new COVID-19 cases in the southeast part of the county reported on Tuesday, seven new cases in the northwest, 11 in the northeast and one in the southwest. Of the total number of positive tests, 1,430 were men and 1,698 are women.

Residents are urged to wear a mask out in public places or when spending time with people who do not live in your household.

Keep a social distance of six feet from others and wash your hands with soap and water frequently. Stay home if you are sick, even if it is a mild case.

Those wishing to get tested can register for a test at or call 938-9119 or 938-2265.

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