A Cattaraugus County map and list of towns with residents in COVID-19 isolation or quarantine provides a snapshot of how the county is faring nine months into this coronavirus pandemic.

The days of positive COVID-19 tests in the single digits is a fading memory. This week the county set another daily record of positive tests with 52, almost double the earlier daily record of 29 set earlier this month.

The number of residents hospitalized on Thursday rose 50% from the previous day to 15.

There have been 23 deaths, the last of which was on Tuesday when a 77-year-old man with COVID-19 died of respiratory failure despite aggressive treatment.

This past week’s COVID-19 totals got a hike from students at St. Bonaventure University, 79 of whom received positive test results. In-person classes were suspended at the university after Friday.

Many of those students are quarantining on campus. Those who were close contacts are being advised to isolate for 14 days as they head home for Thanksgiving. The university planned to have remote classes after Thanksgiving.

As of Thursday, there had been 763 residents with positive COVID-19 tests out of nearly 50,000 tests administered since March.

Mandatory isolation and quarantine on Thursday totaled 439 individuals. It includes not only those who have tested positive and not yet recovered but close contacts of COVID-positive individuals waiting for tests or test results.

Olean led the list with 154 individuals in mandatory quarantine or isolation, followed by Allegany with 121, Hinsdale with 34, Ellicottville with 26, Yorkshire with 13 and New Albion with 15. Other towns are: Carrollton and Great Valley, each with 11; Randolph, 10; Perrysburg, 9; Little Valley, 6; Machias, 4; Freedom, 3; Dayton, Persia and Portville, 2 each, and Ashford, East Otto, Franklinville, Leon and Mansfield, each with one.

Only 10 of the 32 towns in the county did not have any residents in isolation or mandatory quarantine on Thursday.

Five-hundred-and-three of the 763 residents who have contracted COVID-19 have recovered.

The Health Department COVID-19 map shows the deaths of eight residents from Allegany, seven from Olean, three from Salamanca, two from Perrysburg and one each from Hinsdale, Little Valley and Yorkshire.

Previously, the Health Department has displayed COVID-19 positive cases and residents deaths only by quadrant of the county, not by town.

On Thursday, the Cattaraugus County Coronavirus Hub showed the lion’s share of the 763 COVID-19 cases in the southeast corner of the county with 493 cases, followed by the northeast corner with 113, the southwest corner with 99 and the northwest corner with 58.

The Coronavirus Hub showed 16 of those deaths in the southeast, one in the northeast, two in the northwest and four in the southwest.

Several of the deaths have been residents of nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

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