The Cattaraugus County Health Department reported 23 residents tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday.

The total number of coronavirus cases diagnosed in Cattaraugus County has risen to 4,298.

The good news Wednesday was the low positivity of the COVID-19 tests, 1.3%. That was the lowest daily rate in months.

The seven-day rolling average of 2.8% and 14-day average of 3.3% also continue a downward trend, both regionally and statewide.

There are 19 people hospitalized and there have been 86 deaths in the county from COVID-19.

The health department is following 188 active cases, 642 in contact quarantine and 71 in travelers quarantine.

More than half of the new cases Wednesday were from the southeast part of the county. The 13 new cases brought the area’s total to 2,463, which is 57.3% of the total number of cases reported in the county.

The northwest part of the county, which reported four new COVID-19 cases, now has a total of 473 cases. The northeast had three new cases for a total of 704 cases and the southwest had three new cases for a total of 657 cases.

Thirteen of the new cases were men, who now total 1973 COVID-19 cases and 10 of the new cases were women, who now total 2,325 cases, or 54.1% of the cases.

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