Figure 1. Set-up for water vapor transmission tests

Figure 1. Set-up for water vapor transmission tests Content Exchange

TORONTO, Sept. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Eco Depot Inc. (OTC Pink: ECDP), a Nevada company, is pleased to announce the following ASTM E-96 Water Vapor Transmission test results in accordance with the IBC International Building Code & IRC International Residential Code Vapor Retarder Specifications on its Bronya Climate Shield Faсade and Aquablock product line.

Bronya Canada Group submitted our Bronya Climate Shield Faсade and Aquablock Product for testing at SEREX Labs, a Canadian Government approved testing center to conduct American Standard Testing Method (ASTM) tests.

ASTM E-96 was used to determine the water vapor transmission for outdoor use. The six fiber cement samples coated with the "BCS Aquablock" and "BCS Facade" formulations (two coats of 10 mils wet) were installed inside stainless steel trays (Figure 1) in order to seal the perimeter of the samples with a mixture of beeswax and rosin (50/50). The trays are fitted with a cavity at their base allowing an average quantity of water of 275g to be placed in order to simulate outdoor exposure with a relative humidity content of 100%. The painted surface of the sample faced the water in the tray, while the unfinished portion was exposed to ambient air. When mounting the samples in their respective trays, a minimum distance of 6 mm between the sample and the water was observed.

The initial mass of the six assemblies was taken, then they were installed in a conditioning chamber adjusted to a temperature of 23°C ± 1°C and a relative humidity of 50% ± 2%. Subsequently, a daily mass gain was performed excluding weekends. The measurement took place over a period of six weeks in order to obtain the loss of mass as a function of exposure time (g/h) allowing the transmission of water vapor to be calculated.


Permeance is the degree to which a material allows the flow of water vapor. It is expressed by measuring the mass of water that passes through a material per unit of time, area and vapor pressure difference on either side of the material. The higher this value, the more easily the vapor passes through the wall. Thus, a material is said to be impermeable or vapor barrier if its permeance is less than 57 ng/s · m2 · Pa (<1 US perm), semi-permeable between 57 and 570 ng/s · m2 · Pa (1- 10 US perms) and permeable above 570 ng/s · m2 · Pa (> 10 US perms).


The results obtained confirm that fiber cement with a thickness of 0.5 in. Coated with "BCS Aquablock" or "BCS Facade" products is considered to be semi-permeable to water vapor.


It is estimated that the total cost for repair, rehabilitation, strengthening, and protection (including waterproofing) of the concrete structures in the U.S. is $18 to $21 billion a year.

Façades, Balconies, Plaza Decks, Exposed Concrete Airborne chlorides, freezing-and-thawing cycles, and carbonation are some of the distress mechanisms that may be related to design and construction errors. Waterproofing failures are also common, and seismic retrofits may be needed. Repair methods include foundation waterproofing, plaza deck waterproofing, and replacement or repair of balconies. This market is alone valued at 2 Billion USD per year according to the Concrete Repair Bulletin.

These ASTM E-96 tests further prove efficacy in water vapor transmission of the product's application on foundations and envelopes (Facades). Note that about 15% of all heat loss is through the floors, basements and facades of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.

These ASTM E-96 water vapor transmissions tests results prove the effectiveness and added value to our Faсade and Aquablock product line to protecting your building envelope against water damage to the concrete facade and foundations. Bronya Climate Shield is providing a cost-effective solution to protecting your assets.

Bronya Canada Group seeks to make Bronya Climate Shield the most affordable, cost-effective thermal paint coating in the battle against Climate Change through energy conservation.

The complete copy of the SEREX ASTM tests results of Bronya Climate Shield's Facade and Aquablock Product will be published shortly on our OTC Markets supplemental filings.


SEREX was established in1998 by the Cegep de Rimouski and the Center Matapédien d'études collégiales (CMÉC). SEREX lab is located in Amqui, in the Matapedia Valley. SEREX has been recognized as a Collegial Center for Technology Transfer (CCTT) since June 2007 and as a Technology Access Center since 2019. SEREX is a member of Synchronex, a group of 59 CCTTs, each with specific expertise of Tech -Access Canada, a network of 30 Canadian technology access centers.

SEREX mission is to develop sustainable solutions and practices to support innovation and technology transfer in companies linked to the forest products processing sectors in order to enable them to position themselves in the markets of the future. SEREX vison is a Quebec reference and a partner of choice in developing innovative products and processes that allow optimal use of forest resources in the fields of wood processing, sustainable chemistry, renewable energies, and eco-construction.


Eco Depot, Inc. acquires, manages, and develops eco-friendly real estate assets and consumer brand products. Their focus is to provide investments, funding, and support for acquisitions, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and green companies dedicated to protecting the environment. Eco Depot is a development stage distributor of eco-friendly consumer brand products and is publicly traded Over the Counter at OTCMKTS: ECDP.


Bronya Coatings Group, Inc. ("the Company") is based in Montreal and intends to commercialize a Multi-Purpose liquid thermal insulation paint Bronya Climate Shield product line in North America. The Company's mission is to establish third-party production facilities globally to reduce the costs associated with the business' supply chain. The Company also has established relationships with major home improvement stores on a worldwide basis.


Bronya Climate Shield increases energy efficiency, energy savings and reduces carbon emissions through energy conservation. Product website:

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