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NEW YORK, Oct. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Modern living breaks down your immune barriers. ARMRA is the first patented superfood that builds them back. The product harnesses nature's 300 million-year-old immunity powerhouse – colostrum – to protect the body from modern day threats that negatively impact our health. Today, ARMRA announces it is expanding to welcome a scoopable bulk jar to its family of products.

ARMRA has always aimed to make their patented colostrum concentrate available to a mass consumer audience, leveraging the many research-backed health benefits for a broad range of use cases. The new, larger format ARMRA Jar is a step towards ritualizing the product and offering it as a one-stop, daily solution for shared households and multi-dose users. The jar has 75 servings of pure, potent colostrum concentrate that is safe for all ages to take. Early research shows ARMRA's regenerative and reparative properties are dose dependent, so the jar will offer more opportunities for customers to increase dosage as needed.

ARMRA first launched in 2020 with their new smart superfood in a 30 day supply of individual sachets. ARMRA Colostrum, unlike any other bovine colostrum on the market, uses proprietary cold-extraction technology and removes dairy compounds unnecessary for human health. Their patented methodology protects the integrity of over 200+ functional, bioactive nutrients that regenerate the body's mucosal & immune barriers. This results in one of the most pure, potent and bioavailable colostrum products on the market.

One of the most compelling ways colostrum works is by sealing up the mucosal barrier. Just as we have skin as a barrier to protect externally, we have a similar barrier that lines the entire inside of the body — along the sinuses, lungs, gut, urinary and reproductive tract. When this barrier is compromised, harmful particles like bacteria, viruses, toxins, chemicals, and allergens can more easily penetrate into the body — which can drive inflammation and cause health issues. ARMRA Colostrum's naturally occurring antioxidants, antibodies, vitamins, minerals, growth factors, and peptides were leveraged specifically to seal these immune barriers within the body. They also provide nutrient absorption and fuel cellular pathways throughout the body leading to whole health benefits for the gut, skin, metabolism, energy levels, sleep and focus.

ARMRA is the brainchild of Dr. Sarah Rahal, MD a double board-certified pediatric neurologist with expertise in environmental and functional medicine. After years of clinical work in a hospital and running a pediatric practice, Dr. Rahal was frustrated by the boom in chronic diseases she saw across young patients (modern environmental factors like pollutants, pesticides, refined sugars, processed food, and unregulated chemicals in home and body products play a troubling role in dictating negative health outcomes). Her foundational approach to medicine led her to appreciate the importance of restoring balance to the immune system, the unrivaled power of the body to repair itself, and the urgency of equipping the body with the right nutrients to do so.

ARMRA is ethically-sourced from small family-owned farms in the USA and all of ARMRA's colostrum comes from grass-fed cows. As a company that firmly believes that the health of our planet lays the foundation for the health of each of us, ARMRA donates 1% of all revenue to environmental health causes and is also a CarbonFree® business partner, off-setting over 79,000 lbs of CO2 emissions (36 metric tons) each year. ARMRA's commitment towards empowering the environment and human health to thrive has put them on the path to becoming a carbon-neutral/negative company.The introduction of the new bulk jar is another step in this journey.

"Today, consumers are more galvanized than ever to take their health into their own hands. We are all doing the best we can with the choices in our control -- opting for organic produce and seeking the best clean label products we can find. But factors from our modern air, water, food supply, and general environment are often beyond our control," states Dr. Rahal. "Our mission with ARMRA has always been to empower people with a proven tool that can revive health foundationally and proactively."

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About ARMRA:

ARMRA is a patented, clinically-backed supplement powered by colostrum that provides complete immune support and whole health benefits. Safe for the entire family, ARMRA works to rebuild and fortify the mucosa — your internal suit of armor.

As a brand grounded in science and research, ARMRA believes a strong and balanced immune system is integral to your everyday health. Almost all modern day diseases are a consequence of threats from the external environment — when chemicals, toxins, allergens, and molds, cross into the body, these particles can trigger inflammation and eventually lead to chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, allergies, autoimmune conditions, IBS, and eczema. Instead of relying on complex medical treatments that merely act as a band-aid, ARMRA empowers the human body to regenerate and prepare for better defense using pure, and clean ingredients from nature.


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