WEST VALLEY — Workers recently completed the installation of protective armoring on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission-Licensed Disposal Area’s (NDA) drainage channel and north slope.

The armoring consists of interlocking concrete blocks that are designed to prevent soil erosion from changing weather conditions.

This work follows the recent completion of the demolition of the NDA’s former Liquid Pretreatment System and installation of a geomembrane cover over the vacated area.

“This work will continue to protect the integrity of the NRC-Licensed Disposal Area, and prevent any potential harm to the environment from weather-related damage,” Department of Energy WVDP Director Bryan Bower said.

The NDA was used by Nuclear Fuel Services for disposal of waste from reprocessing operations from 1966 to 1981, followed by DOE for WVDP-related low-level waste from 1982 to 1986.

It currently contains 360,000 cubic feet of buried waste, which consists of remnants, materials, and equipment used during reprocessing and cleanup operations.