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NEW YORK, Nov. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- People who love art can find studios, galleries, artists, exhibitions and upload any work of art for others to discover on our global art maps.

Artists submit to museums, exhibitions, your private collection, movies or into any space on the planet.

An Institution, or business location, can operate, curate art shows, be open to submissions, invitations and available for shoots, shows and events.

Image recognition scans identify artwork in person, in film or on TV. The scan reveals everything about the artwork and the artist.

Artwork can be used as a currency, sold or loaned. Operators can follow and support each other in a social network.

The New York Museum of Contemporary Art, in Manhattan, is curated on MyMoca.

MyMoca is seeking partners, investors and operators.

Jacques Rosas, Artist, Creator.

Business & media inquiries:
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‪917-257-8947 CELL

(My Museum of Contemporary Art)

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New York Moca
‪528 West 39th Street
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