Peter Cottontail makes drive-by visits to Gowanda children

Peter Cottontail is making drive-by visits to children in the Gowanda area after the Cottontail Express train rides through the NY&LE Railroad were canceled due to COVID-19.

GOWANDA — With the current situation related to COVID-19 and social distancing, the Gowanda's Cottontail Express train rides, planned by the NY&LE Railroad, have been derailed.

But that has not prevented Peter Cottontail from visiting children in the Gowanda area. On March 28, Cottontail scheduled stops at the homes of children in a 20-mile radius of downtown Gowanda. These visits will continue on the following two Saturdays, April 4 and 11.

The effort was posted on the Zoar Valley Gifts & More Store Facebook page.

Anyone interested in having Peter Cottontail make a stop in front of their house can message Zoar Valley Gifts through Facebook to get on the schedule. Updates on Cottontail's mission can also be found there.