SALAMANCA — Kohl Ambuske, Liam Long and Dylan Wheeler, who recently completed six days at Boys State, held at the State University of New York in Morrisville, reported to the Hughes-Skiba Post 535 of the American Legion for a small recognition ceremony.

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BRAINERD — As the use of electronic-cigarettes continues to rise, Essentia Health and community partners are aggressively pushing back against the epidemic with a “Don’t Blow It” anti-vaping campaign.

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The number of e-cigarette users, many of them teenagers, who have been stricken by a mysterious and acute lung illness has more than doubled around the country in just the last week. More than 450 people have been hospitalized with serious respiratory distress and six people have died. Public health officials still don't know what it is causing the ailment. That's the bad news. The silver ...


Public officials in Ohio say no amount of money will restore the cities that have been upended by the opioid crisis. Local police and fire chiefs say it's taken an immeasurable toll on the wellbeing of first responders on the front lines. (Sept. 12)