LITTLE VALLEY — Cattaraugus County lawmakers approved last week’s annual property auction that netted the county treasurer’s office just under $200,000.

About 75 properties were auctioned Saturday, a majority of which were vacant land, said Treasurer Joseph G. Keller.

Bids totaled $459,900, he said. With county involvement of $262,457 — including taxes, interest and fees — the profit amounted to $197,442, according to the treasurer.

One property in the city of Olean at 910 S. Union St. was withdrawn from the sale after it was discovered the bidder thought the vacant parcel contained a structure.

Keller said the photo in the bidding documents indicated a structure on the parcel. As it turns out, part of a neighboring structure is located on the vacant parcel, the treasurer said. The $3,500 bid will be returned. The county involvement was $386.

With a two-year foreclosure period instead of the previous three-year period, there were fewer properties than in 2018, Keller said.

A number of the properties seized for back taxes this year were given to the county Land Bank, where blighted homes will be demolished and homes in need of some rehabilitation before they are sold will be addressed.

Legislators also conveyed homes on the tax title property list to five former owners in Olean, Franklinville, Carrollton and Machias who offered to purchase the properties for the county’s involvement prior to the sale.

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