Catt. County Legislature records its first 16-1 vote

Ashley Milliman (right) was sworn in as the new Cattaraugus County attorney Wednesday by County Court Judge Ronald Ploetz as her mother, Julie Smith, held the Bible.

LITTLE VALLEY — Cattaraugus County lawmakers recorded their first 16-1 vote of 2020 on Wednesday.

Minority Leader David Koch of Salamanca, the only Democrat on the 17-member County Legislature, asked to table the appointment of freshman Legislator Ginger Schroder, R-Farmersville, to the Cattaraugus County Industrial Development Agency Board of Directors.

Koch said he reasoned that since the two IDA legislative representatives had previously been split between the two political parties, that gentleman’s agreement could continue.

The other legislative representative on the IDA board is Legislator Joseph Snyder, R-Ischua.

Koch asked who Schroder is replacing. The resolution noted that Schroder would be replacing Virgilio “Dick” Giardini of Allegany, a Democratic legislator defeated for re-election in November.

County Attorney Thomas Brady said the legislative representatives serve at the pleasure of the County Legislature.

In the past, the representatives have been one Republican and one Democrat, Koch pointed out.

“This has nothing to do with politics,” said Majority Leader Michael Brisky, R-Franklinville. Schroder, she said, asked for consideration.

Koch said he was afraid that with legislators from only one party on the IDA board, “it could swing the board in one direction.”

He added: “They are making the IDA a partisan board. The minority will be shut out. The IDA grants tax incentives the rest of the citizens have to make up the difference.”

It was the first 16-1 vote of the year, Koch noted. “I hope this isn’t an example of how the county is going to work for the next four years.”

Actually, Koch voted to name Schroder to the Cattaraugus County Capital Resources Corporation, which is an independent arm of the IDA.

“I wouldn’t have voted for that,” Koch said afterward.

Legislators appointed Ashley E. Milliman of Leon as the new county attorney. She will succeed Brady, whose last day is Feb. 3. Milliman was sworn in by County Court Judge Ronald Ploetz. Her mother, Julie Smith, held the Bible.

Two local laws were also introduced on Wednesday. The first one sets a $10 charge for the County Clerk to mail property owners of record of conveyance of the property to a new owner. A public hearing will be held Feb. 12 at 4 p.m.

Another proposed local law was introduced to set department heads and other county officers’ salaries for 2020. A public hearing set also set for Feb. 12.

The positions and bi-weekly salaries are:

County Administrator — $4,423.

Director of Aging — $2,876.

Director of Community Services — $3,398.

Public Health director — $4,262.

Social Services commissioner — $3,895.

Personnel Officer — $3,268.

Information Services director — $3,645.

Economic Development, Planning and Tourism director, $3,405.

Real Property Tax Services director — $3,142.

Emergency Preparedness director — $2,484.

Public Works commissioner — $3,474.

Public defender — $3,897.

Election commissioners (two) — $2,459.

County historian — $610.

Museum curator — $610.

Probation director — $3,341.

Veterans Service director — $2,350.

Youth Bureau director — $2,684.

Annual salaries:

County clerk — $82,561.

Coroners (four) — $11,947.

Sheriff — $110,595.

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