STATE OFNEW YORK CITY OFSALAMANCAIn accordance with Section 182 of the Salamanca City Charter the owners' of the following listed properties are hereby again placed on notice that said properties are in "Tax Pending" status pursuantto the designation by the City Comptroller, and by City Council Resolutions dated December 27, 2011, December 12, 2012 and December 9, 2015. Accordingly said tax amounts listed below, plus applicableinterest, must be paid in full by October 31, 2017. Failure to pay such taxes will result in the Salamanca City Council authorizing the City of Salamanca Comptroller to execute a deed for said propertiesto the City of Salamanca. Once executed, the current property ownerforfeits all rights, interests and title to said properties. Payment of said taxing owning will be accepted at the office of theSalamanca Comptroller up to and including the 31st day of October 2017.The description given being thattaken from the official tax maps of the City of Salamanca as approved by the State of New York with M meaning map, B meaning block, and Pmeaning parcel.QUATTRONEFREDERICK J, 30 BAKER STREET, 55.00ft X 124.00ft,M73.073-B1-P41 $17,957.36SMITH SAM F (ESTATE), 73 BROAD STREET, C/O ALISA SMITH-RIEL,1024 VIENNA ROAD, DEKALB, IL 75.00ft X 148.00ft,M73.079-B8-P9 $20,307.65BLEHAR JOHN & THOMAS, LOT CARLTON AVENUE, C/O 10509 CROSSING CREEKPOTOMAC, MD 20854, 50.00ft X 119.00ft, M73.080-B6-P11.1 $1,284.35PIERCE, KENNETH & DONNA, 399 CENTER STREET, C/O THOMAS RICKERT, MAIN STREET, LITTLE VALLEY, NY 3.19 Acres,M72.068-B2-P21 $4,013.55MAGIERA LAWRENCE J & G, ETAL, 56 CENTRAL AVENUE, C/0 KEVIN & SHARON 56 CENTRAL, SALAMANCA, NY 14779, 50.00ft X 150.00ft,M73.073-B5-P46 $7,391.66REGER DAWN M, 68 CLINTON STREET, C/O SHAWN SMITH,40.00ft X 115.00ft,M73.079-B5-P6 $6,548.95CHASE, DIANE M, 81 DIVISION STREET, C/O 38 QUILTER STREET,SALAMANCA, NY 14779, 51.00ft X 106.00ft,M73.079-B9-P49 $13,871.10PIRSHLO INC,104 EASTSTREET, C/O DR. ZIA SHEIKH,1240 BROOK ST, OLEAN, NY 14760, 42.00ft X 120.00ft,M82.023-B2-P23 $8,015.11PIRSHLO INC., 25 EAST STREET, C/O DR. ZIA SHEIKH, 1240 BROOK STREET, OLEAN, NY 60.00ft X 77.00ft,M73.080-B6-P23 $11,420.66SMITH SHIRLEY, 132 FAWN AVENUE, C/O 53 EAGLE ST APT D6,75.00ft X 406.00ft,M82.023-B1-P19 $5,642.79ELSEN DAVID C, 17 FAWN AVENUE, C/O P.O. BOX 492,ELLICOTTVILLE, NY 14731-0492, 62.00ft X 108.00ft,M73.079-B7-P68 $17,693.75ELLIS DANE D, 79 FAWN AVENUE, C/O K. BIGELOW & S PEACOCK,24 BACON PLACE, ROCHESTER, NY 55.00ft X 108.00ft,M73.079-B7-P56 $3,809.70ABRAMS TRENT M, 48 FRANKLIN STREET, C/O 16 CLINTON STREET,SALAMANCA, NY 14779, 40.00ft X 125.00ft,M73.070-B5-P23 $11,617.59JACOBS AARON & LISA, 51 HIGH STREET, 43.00ft X 110.00ft,M73.070-B2-P17 $13,074.10151 HIGHLAND AVE SALAMANCA LLC, 151 HIGHLAND AVENUE, C/O P.O. BOX40.00ft X 150.00ft,M73.065-B2-P8 $9,961.59151 HIGHLAND AVE SALAMANCA LLC, LOT HIGHLAND AVENUE, C/O P.O. BOX40.00ft X 150.00ft,M73.065-B2-P7 $287.92MCKENZIE, SONIA, 50 SOUTH MAIN STREET, 115.50ft X 140.50ft,73.079-7-21 $11,819.1225 SOUTH MAIN ST LAND TRUST, 25 SOUTH MAIN STREET, C/O PO BOX 383,52.00ft X 69.00ft,M73.079-B6-P63 $4,485.50FARR ERIC & PATRICIA, 121 MERDEN STREET, 123.00ft X 635.00ft,M73.073-B1-P17 $8,425.12KLUSEK DAVID & WNUK, JENNIFER, 338 EAST STATE STREET, 33.00ft XM73.073-B1-P4 $9,664.68BIALASZEWSKI ADRIAN J, 536 EAST STATE STREET, C/O P.O. BOX 215,57.00ft X 121.00ft,M73.073-B5-P7 $13,354.76MONGILLO LEONARD J, 45 EAST STATE STREET, C/O 28 CHESTNUT ST APT150.00ft X 264.00ft,M73.063-B2-P4 $4,485.49PIRSHLO, INC., 213 EAST STATE STREET, C/O DR. ZIA SHEIKH,1240 BROOK STREET, OLEAN, NY 2.90 Acres,M73.064-B1-P14 $33,479.76HOSTUTTLER JEFFREY A, 857 WEST STATE STREET, C/O SUE ERVAY,857 WEST STATE ST, 60.00ft X 110.00ft,M73.061-B1-P31 $5,856.8353-55 SUMMIT ST.SALA.LLC, 53-55 SUMMIT STREET, C/O ATTN: DARIOP.O. BOX 383, 75.00ft X 158.50ft,M73.079-B5-P36 $9,981.61WALKER REID L & DEBORAH, 77-79 WAITE AVENUE, C/O 1417 E 28TH ST, ERIE, PA 16504, 65.00ft X 139.25ft,M73.079-B7-P38 $3,076.34BALL ROBERT A, 112 WASHINGTON STREET, C/O 920 MOHWAK ST, APT 144,LEWISTON, NY 14092, 60.00ft X 179.00ft,M72.068-B3-P2 $4,546.12SMITH PALMER K, 310 WILDWOOD AVENUE, C/O JAMES GRIFFITH,303 WILDWOOD AVENUE, 71.50ft X 125.00ft,M73.080-B1-P5 $5,062.04FISHER TINA M, 537 WILDWOOD AVENUE, 100.00ft X 199.75ft,M73.073-B4-P13 $6,686.60SHEIKH ZIA, 58-60 & 62 WILSON STREET, C/O 4039 ROUTE 219 STE 102, 50.00ft X 122.00ft,M73.079-B5-P17 $22,089.62KATHLEEN M. SARVERCity Comptroller